Mister Wolf is the "son" of an ancient knowledge for the manual processing of leather, which today, few people can do: the job of the saddler.


my name is Michelangelo. 

Mister Wolf was born for them. Most of the time I spend with them is outdoors, all year round, crossing all seasons with different weather conditions.Failing to find products that fully meet our needs, I decided to create our line of leashes, collars, harnesses, which guaranteed us not only practicality, but also strength and comfort.Having also important saddlery notions, I decided to use for my products not only real vegetable tanned leather, but also Biothane.I was the first in Italy to create a line of lead in Biothane, and absolutely the first to create harnesess (also search and rescue) in Biothane, not only for its extraordinary technical and hygienic characteristics, but also thinking of those who do not want use products of animal origin.Biothane is a synthetic leather substitute. Soft to the touch, resistant to traction and wear, flexible. Does not absorb water. It does not require maintenance. Unassailable by mold, bacteria and odors. It is easy to wash with warm water and soap. Biothane maintains its characteristics even at low temperatures.Mister Wolf only uses original U.S. BiothaneThis is how Mister Wolf was born, a small Italian artisan reality, where collars, leashes and bibs are made entirely by hand, unique and made to measure. My products are tested by professionals including rescue and research.My products are functional and last over timeMy products are not intended for large retailers, you will never find them there.

100% made in Italy
100% Italian craftsmanship


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