Michelangelo Caliendo - Mister Wolf

Terms and conditions of use

The terms and conditions of use apply and are also applied for orders placed via mail. For orders made by mail, the terms and conditions of use are considered to be read and approved.

General conditions

It excludes any right of the Customer to damages or compensation, and any contract or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to people and / or things and / or animals, caused by the partial acceptance or fulfillment of an order, by any delay not attributable to the seller, as well as improper use of products marketed here.

It is strictly prohibited to enter false data, some other person or fantasy, the registration process required to provide him with the procedure for the execution of this contract. The seller reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, and for the protection of all consumers.

The payment of the products, from date of order, must be made within 3 days. If payment is not received within the prescribed period the order will be canceled.

Muzzles can not be replaced or returned for reasons of hygiene.

Custom products (name engraving, phone number, custom made collars, harnesses and leashes, etc.) can not be replaced or made precisely because it made according to customer specifications (see Legal)

To collars or harnesses tailored means all products in which it asks expressly indicate "Measuring neck circumference," "ridge measurement", "measuring harness", "chest circumference", and all other measures richieste.Per the collars directions of from cm to cm size are indicative for the height of the collar itself, that which allows the realization is the measure of the circumference of the dog's neck.

Category Greyhounds: the cm to cm generic indications is for information to determine which measures are included in neck circumference measurement of the height of the collar; necessary to provide a true measure of neck circumference of its Dog for the realization of the collar of measurement. According to the neck circumference provided the length of the collar will be different for each one because tailor-made starting indication provided.

We do not accept instructions and requests out of the measures provided for items made to measure.

Outside the zones indicated in "Shipping and Handling", please contact us before placing your order. We reserve the right not to ship outside the areas described in the "Shipping and Handling".

you can not edit or change address once the products have been shipped ..

You can not request a specific delivery time, not even a telephone appointment for delivery itself.

In case of incorrect or incomplete address (such as a different name on the intercom than that indicated for the shipment, the wrong cap, etc.) the goods will be made fall into place and we will be charged to the customer the cost of a possible reshipment added to the cost of a possible stock and the return cost in headquarters.

The issuance of the invoice, must be requested by the customer not later than the time of the purchase. For billing it is necessary to transmit Company and VAT. The prices on the site are tax excluded.

Are authentic "Legal", "Times of realization and fulfillment" and "Shipping & delivery times", who consider all accepted at the time of order confirmation.

If you're not at home you receive the parcel at a store, a business or a company, stating the name and address.

Resending cost depending on your Country

For the payment of orders, the cost of foreign wire transfers is charged to the customer.

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