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H harness for Greyhound

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Mister Wolf

nylon and Biothane H harness, conformed to Greyhound. 2 adjustable straps thoracic and abdominal

Nylon textured fine and compact, soft and durable traction. The shape of the harness prevents chafing under the arms. Biothane resistant to traction and wear, and does not absorb water. The Biothane is on the neck and back, sideways, and the breastplate is are nylon.

Five Points Adjustments. Safety closures. Neck and all the lower belts covered in Neoprene. Apart from the neck all the other neoprene inserts can be removed, washed and reapplied.

Colour: black and violet

Please provide the required measures for the realization, looking good the image:

Green line c: basic neck circumference measurement

Blue line b: back strap measurement (from neck base at the end of the ribs)

Yellow line d: measure cost, at the end of the ribs

Red line p: measure chest strap (from neck base at the end of the ribs)

Violet line T: it measures circumference chest.


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